NORFOLK FUNGUS RECORDS    Finder Identifier Confirmer      
Place: Swannington Upgate Common FINAL                
Grid Ref:TG 1418                
Date: 15/07/17                
Organisation: NFSG              
A. Crotty, K. Fox, L. Hanley, M. Hassall, T. Hodge, M. Joy, S. & G. Judd, T. Leech, R. Maidstone,T. Mutimer, Y. Mynett, S. Pinnington, V. & S. Rusby, D. Thomas,  D.Weaver.                
AGARICS and BOLETES                
Amanita fulva Tawny Grisette Oak T. Mutimer T. Mutimer Large; red-brown; with volva. Common      
Amanita rubescens Blusher Oak S. Rusby A. Crotty Stout; flakes on cap; bruises pink. Common      
Boletus badius Bay Bolete Oak A. Crotty A. Crotty Pores under cap. Common      
Clitocybe odora Aniseed Funnel Oak K. Fox K. Fox Grey-green; strong aniseed smell. Frequent      
Conocybe pubescens   Pony dung S. Judd T. Leech Lanky; brown; on dung. Occasional      
Coprinopsis foetidella   Pony dung Y. Mynett Y. Mynett Small inkcap on dung.  [see note]      
Coprinopsis pusillulus   Pony dung Y. Mynett Y. Mynett Small inkcap on dung. Probably widespread      
Cortinarius anomalus Variable Webcap     T. Leech Med-sized; brown cap; lilac stem. Frequent      
Entoloma caccabus     Y. Mynett Y. Mynett Grey-brown; funnel-shaped; pink gills. Rare      
Gymnopilus junonius Spectacular Rustgill   K. Fox K. Fox Large; bright orange; on wood. Frequent      
Gymnopus confluens Clustered Toughshank Oak K. Fox K. Fox Lanky; pale buff cap; clustered. Common      
Gymnopus peronatus Wood Woollyfoot     Y. Mynett Yellow-brown; whie furry base. Common      
Hebaloma sacchariolens Sweet Poisonpie Ash S. Pinnington T. Leech Sweet smelling. Occasional      
Hygrocybe coccineocrenata   Fen L. Hanley Y. Mynett Small; orange; in fen. Rare in Norfolk. [see note]      
Hygrocybe conica Blackening Waxcap   A. Crotty A. Crotty Orange-red; blackening with age. Common      
Hypholoma udum Peat Brownie Fen soil V. Rusby T. Leech V. slender. Occasional      
Hypholoma fasciculare Sulphur Tuft Prunus V. Rusby S.Pinnington Yellow; clustered. On wood. Common      
Inocybe geophylla White Fibrecap Oak A. Crotty A. Crotty Small; white; pointed cap. Common      
Inocybe napipes Bulbous Fibrecap Oak S. Pinnington Y. Mynett Brown; streaked cap. Frequent      
Inocybe stellatospora Woolly Fibrecap Birch   Y. Mynett Brown; streaked cap. Frequent      
Laccaria amethystina Amethyst Deceiver Oak K. Fox K. Fox Deep purple. Fading. Common      
Laccaria laccata Deceiver   S. Rusby T. Leech Brownish; v. variable; deep pink gills. Common      
Lactarius pyrogalus Fiery Milkcap with Hazel T. Mutimer T. Leech Brown milkcap with v.acrid milk. Frequent      
Lactarius decipiens   Birch/oak T. Leech T. Leech Brown milkcap with yellowing milk. Occasional      
Lactarius tabidus Birch Milkcap Birch S. Pinnington S.Pinnington Orange-brown milkcap with scanty milk. Common      
Lactarius turpis Ugly Milkcap   S. Judd Y. Mynett Greenish-black milkcap. Common      
Leccinum scabrum Brown Birch Bolete Birch T. Mutimer T. Leech Brown bolete with black-flecked stem. Common      
Leccinum variicolor Mottled Bolete Fen soil K. Fox K. Fox Similar but mottled cap in wetter places. Frequent      
Leucocoprinus brebissonii Skullcap Dapperling Oak K. Fox K. Fox Delicate; white with brown-black centre, Occasional      
Mycena adscendens Frosty Bonnet Oak twig   Y. Mynett V. delicate; slender; white; on wood. Common      
Mycena amicta Coldfoot Bonnet Deciduous leaf litter   Y. Mynett Delicate; whitish with blue edge. Occasional      
Mycena bulbosus Rush Bonnet Reed (Juncus sp,) Y. Mynett Y. Mynett Delicate; greyish; on reed. Scarce      
Mycena galopus Milking Bonnet Oak A. Crotty Y. Mynett Delicate; greyish; exudes milk. Common      
Mycena pearsoniana       Y. Mynett Small; lilac. Scarce      
Mycena pelianthina Blackedge Bonnet   T. Leech T. Leech Larger; purplish; dark edgto gills. Common      
Mycena pura Lilac Bonnet   L. Hanley Y. Mynett Larger lilac; smells of radish. Common      
Paxillus involutus Brown Rollrim Oak D. Weaver T. Leech Large; olive brown; rusty gills. Common      
Psathyrella candolleana Pale Brittlestem     Y. Mynett Delicate; pale. Common      
Rickenella swartzii Collared Mosscap   M. Joy Y. Mynett Tiny, in moss; dark purple at top of stem. Common      
Russula amoenolens Camembert Brittlegill     T. Leech Stout; sepia brown; smells cheesy; Common      
Russula betularum Birch Brittlegill     T. Leech Pink; small for b/gill. Common      
Russula claroflava Yellow Swamp Brittlegill   S. Pinnington S.Pinnington Stout; strong yellow. Frequent      
Russula grisea       Y. Mynett Stout greyish. Occasional;      
Russula ochroleuca Ochre Brittlegill Oak L. Hanley T. Leech Stout; dirty yellow. Common      
Russula parazurea Powdery Brittlegill   T. Mutimer T. Leech Stout; grey-green. Common      
Simocybe sumptuosa Velvet Twiglet     Y. Mynett Brown cap and gills; on wood. Occasional      
Xerocomellus cisalpinus Red-cracking Bolete Ash L. Hanley T. Leech Brown bolete cracking pink. Common      
BRACKETS and RESUPINATES                
Antrodia xantha   Deciduous wood A. Crotty A. Crotty Pale yellow poroid crust. Scarce/occasional      
Daedaleopsis confragosa Blushing Bracket Birch K. Fox K. Fox Med. sized; thin; pores bruise pink. Common      
Ganoderma australe Southern Bracket   A. Crotty A. Crotty Large; hard. Common      
Laetiporus sulphureus Chicken of the Woods   D. Weaver D. Weaver Irregular; yellow. Frequent      
Phellinus pomaceus Cushion Bracket Prunus K. Fox K. Fox Hard; thick patch. Frequent      
Physisporinus sanguinolenta Bleeding Porecrust Soil V. Rusby Y. Mynett Soft; red-bruising crust. Occasional      
Piptoporus betulinus Birch Polypore Birch D. Thomas S.Pinnington Large; white' on birch Common      
Polyporus leptocephalus Blackfoot Polypore Oak S. Pinnington S.Pinnington Stalked polypore ; black lower stem. Common      
Steccherinum ochraceum     A. Crotty A. Crotty Toothed crust; yellow. Occasional      
Stereum hirsuta Hairy Curtain Crust Oak A. Crotty A. Crotty Small orange bracket. Common      
Trametes versicolor Turkeytail Birch S. Rusby T. Leech Small zoned bracket. Common      
GASTEROMYCETES (puffballs etc)                
Scleroderma areolatum Leopard Earthball Oak L. Hanley S.Pinnington Short-stalked earthball. Common      
Scleroderma citrinum Common Earthball   S. Pinnington S.Pinnington Stalkless; larger scales. Common      
JELLY FUNGI etc                
Exidia glandulosa Witches Butter Oak K. Fox K. Fox Black jelly. Common      
 ASCOMYCETES and conidial fungi                
Ampullohypoxylon multiforme Birch Woodwart Dead birch D. Thomas S.Pinnington Pimply black rust on birch. Common      
Ascotremella faginea Beech Jellydisc Hawthorn T. Mutimer Y. Mynett Purple jelly mass; large; on wood. Scarce      
Chlorociboria aeruginascens Green Elfcup Wood staining only - no fruiting bodies     Stains wood green. Common      
Ectostroma iridis   Yellow Flag Iris T. Leech T. Leech Black patches on Iris. Scarce      
Erysiphe (=Microsphaera) alphitoides Oak Powdery Mildew   K. Fox K. Fox White dusting on oak lvs. Common      
Erysiphe heraclei 8 On living Heracleum R. Maidstone T. Leech White dusting on hogweed. Common      
Hypocrea pulvinata Ochre Cushion On u/side of Piptoporus betulinus T. Leech T. Leech Yellow patches on undersire of birch polypores. Common      
Leotia lubrica Jellybaby   A. Crotty A. Crotty Custered;stalks with heads; olive-green. Occasional      
Orbilia xanthostigma Common Glasscup Oak D. Thomas T. Leech Neat little orange blobs on wood. Common      
Paecilomyces farinosus        Y. Mynett Small; feathery; white; on buried pupae. Scarce      
Phacidiostroma multivalve   Dead holly leaf T. Leech T. Leech Small, shiny black spots on dead holly lvs. Common      
Rhopographus filicinus Bracken Map Dead bracken stem T. Leech T. Leech Black streaks on dead bracken stems. Common      
Tarzetta scotica Toothed Cup Soil  A. Crotty A. Crotty Cream-coloured cup. Scarce/rare [see note]      
RUSTS AND SMUTS                
Microbotryum anomalum   Smut on Persicaria fls.  R. Maidstone T. Leech Dk. brown powder in bud of Water-pepper. [see note]      
Microbotryum lychnidis-dioicae Red Campion Smut Flowers of Silene dioica R. Maidstone R. Maidstone Blackish dusting on anthers. Frequent      
Phragmidium violaceum Violet Barmble Rust Lvs of Rubus fruticosa T. Leech T. Leech Purple spots on Bramble lvs. Common      
Puccinia acetosae Rust on sorrel Lvs of Rumex acetosa R. Maidstone T. Leech Powdery spots on Common Sorrel lvs      
ZYGOMYCETES (moulds)                
Spinellus fusiger Bonnet Mould on Mycena amicta Y. Mynett Y. Mynett Mould on fungus. Occasional      
MYXOMYCETES (slimemoulds)                
Fuligo septica Flowers of Tan   D. Thomas T. Leech Bright yellow mass. Common      
80 species